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“I ran for Mayor in Nov 2019 because I grew tired of seeing Bedford sit still while everyone around us grew and prospered.  Let’s stop kicking the can down the road on our problems.  No more accepting mediocrity.  As your Mayor over the past year we have taken bold steps to Move Bedford Forward.  I’m ready to finish the job.”

It has been my greatest honor...

A Word from Mayor Mike

… to serve as your Mayor for the past 15 months.  Despite a year of unforeseen pandemics and natural catastrophes your City Council and the City have been productive.  The City Council conducted more meetings than any other Council before it (44 meetings totaling 129+ hours) in 2020.  This was necessary because our challenges were many.

For too long, Bedford seemingly lived “The Definition of Insanity” with little to show for our efforts.  We saw slow growth in economic development, deteriorating streets, a decline in the moral of our City staff, and poor decisions at the highest levels which prevented the major projects in our City from moving forward. 

This has been forever changed after the events of the past year.  The bold steps that I referred to earlier include bringing in first class talent to change the culture of how the City conducts business, hiring professionals to help the City re-imagine economic development, raising our standards with regards to new businesses coming to town and from ourselves, evaluating and changing our codes and procedures to better serve your needs, setting in motion a new plan to repair all our streets, moving forward the voter approved Generations Park at the Boys Ranch, and doing all of the above while being more transparent and communicating the actions of the City better to you.

We no longer have a City Council and City Hall afraid to make hard decisions.  For the first time in a long time, there is a singular focus at City Hall on becoming an Organization of Excellence with the Council and Staff working together towards the same goals.  Let there be no more kicking the can down the road on hard decisions.  No more accepting mediocrity.  We are Moving Bedford Forward. 

But, there is still more to do. 




Why i ran for mayor...


I grew up in HEB. I am a product of this community. When I was growing up, Bedford was looked up to. It had the newest restaurants, it had the nicest houses, it had the cleanest streets. Fast forward to today. To many of us, Bedford remains a special place. It is home. It is our home. But we remain faced with many challenges. Our streets are in need of attention, our neighborhoods need revitalizing, we are challenged with land use, we have increased demands on our city services for a variety of reasons, and we have unfinished business in the form of Phase Next and Bedford Commons. There is no need to get into the details of the hows and whys of the challenges that are in front of us. These are simply the realities.


We all want the same thing. We want Bedford to be better. If elected Mayor, I will fight for the city to become an organization of excellence, I will push to revitalize neighborhoods, I will fight to re-evaluate how the city pursues economic development, we will continue to put resources into repairing and replacing an aged 50 year old infrastructure, and we will support and protect our police, fire, and emergency services as they face the challenges of increased demand on their services. You have the right to expect this from your government. Let’s make Bedford a destination and give people a reason to pull off the highway and spend money eating, sleeping, shopping, and being entertained in our City.

It is time to move forward with a renewed sense of purpose. It is time for our community to pull together towards one goal. Let’s ensure that Bedford’s best days are ahead of us and not behind. This is our home. Let’s do this together.

Thank you all.


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