The City of Bedford Becomes First in Nation to Provide the ONCOblot Blood Test to Firefighters for Early Cancer Testing, January 24, 2017

The City of Bedford has become the FIRST City in the United States to partner with Mor-NuCo Enterprises to provide the ONCOblot early cancer detection testing for firefighters. City Council passed the resolution on Tuesday, January 24, authorizing the agreement to begin the ONCOblot testing, which is set to begin in mid-March 2017.

During fire suppression and overhaul activities, firefighters are exposed to smoke and other byproducts of combustion. Studies have revealed the presence of many known carcinogens within these bi-products, resulting in an increased exposure rate for firefighters, thereby directly contributing to a significantly higher rate of a cancer diagnosis.

Currently there are limited testing options for early cancer detection. When patients begin to notice the signs and symptoms of cancer, the disease has often progressed to an advanced state, as late as stage four. The ONCOblot blood test provides Bedford firefighters an advanced tool to help detect the possible presence of cancer in early stages.

This early detection is through a simple blood draw that identifies a specific type of protein in the blood called ENOX2, which exists on the surface of a malignant cancer cell. The ENOX2 proteins are shed into circulation and can be detected in the blood. These proteins serve as highly sensitive markers for tissue of origin. The initial testing will provide a baseline for all Bedford certified firefighters, and then repeated every five years.

The ONCOblot blood test is a valuable compliment to the Bedford Firefighters’ standard of care and has the potential to save lives through early cancer testing and detection.

City of Bedford.

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