Bedford was incorporated on January 22, 1953.

Estimated Population – 49,1511
     Median Age 41.11

Population by Gender2
     Male – 48.18%
     Female – 51.82%

Bedford Racial Makeup2
     White - 82.43%
     Black – 6.47%
     Asian – 4.64%
     Hispanic – 12.69%

Bedford occupies an area equal to 10.1 square miles
Bedford’s Average Population Density is 4799 per square mile.2

Land Use2
     – 97% developed
     – 3% undeveloped.

Residential – 72%
Commercial – 27%
Industrial – 1%

Owner Occupied Housing Units – 11,142 (55.02%)3
Renter Occupied Housing Units – 9109 (44.98%)3
Average value of a Single Family Residential Property - $165,7442

1Source: City of Bedford Program of Services FY 2016-2017
2Source: American Community Survey 2010-14 Data
3Source: www.areaconnect.com, 2000 US Census Data


The People – First and foremost the greatest thing about Bedford is the people that live and work here. Bedford is blessed with neighborhoods filled with wonderful people. People in Bedford consistently pull together to help one another. The sense of volunteerism is evident in our City with support going to dozens of Non Profits catering exclusively to the HEB area. The residents have high expectations of service from their government and from the companies that do business here. The residents of Bedford also enjoy a certain Quality of Life as evidenced in its enjoyment of the Boys Ranch, Library, Senior Center, and local the arts and entertainment scene.

Geography – The City of Bedford owes its existence to its proximity to everything. One thing that makes Bedford attractive to residents and businesses is its location in the heart of Dallas–Fort Worth. In Bedford, you can “Discover the Center.” From Bedford you are only minutes away from Dallas – Fort Worth International Airport, 15 minutes to downtown Fort Worth and, 20 minutes away from downtown Dallas.

HEB ISD – The quality of our School District is a major draw for new families coming to Bedford. The Education Resource Group has consistently recognized the School District for its academic performance and financial efficiency. L.D. Bell High School and Trinity High School have both been recognized as being among the Top High Schools In The Country according to Newsweek. And, the American Music Conference has recognized HEB ISD as one of the Best Communities for Music Education.

Other Great Things – In addition to the above, there are a number of things that make Bedford a great place to be. The recently completed “183 highway expansion” is helping to drive economic growth. Low Crime rates. A vibrant local arts and entertainment community centered on the Central Arts of Bedford, Arts Council Northeast, Onstage in Bedford, Bedford Blues & BBQ Festival, Masterworks Concert Series, and on and on. We have the Boys Ranch, Old Bedford School, and a first class library. We have low taxes relative to other cities around us. And, we have a sense of community with our neighboring cities based on common interests to address public needs.


These are some of the Challenges that face our City

Economic Development
We have to face facts; Bedford will never get an International Airport and will never get a major shopping mall in the City limits. This means that we have to make the most out of what we have. Right now 97% of our City is already developed. We cannot take the position of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

We must take all steps necessary to aggressively court new businesses and industries to Bedford. We need to address vacant shopping centers and commercial properties. And, we need to continue to ensure that our Code Enforcement efforts are used to promote safety, maintain clean appearance standards, and also be used as a tool to push substandard commercial/retail property owners to invest in and maintain their assets.

Aging Infrastructure
This is a never-ending topic. Our aging water and sewer lines are causing us great stress. These lines are only designed to have a 30-year lifespan. Unfortunately, we have a great number of lines well in excess of this lifespan. Our residential streets must continue to be maintained. The condition of our major streets should be a source of major concern. In particular, the deterioration of Harwood Road must be addressed soon.

Aging Facilities
We have a number of frequently used City facilities that are aged and have outlived their effectiveness. These facilities are woefully dated in comparison to our neighbors’.

Maintain Financial Balance
We still have to maintain existing City services while addressing the concerns above. The City budget is always a balancing act. The challenge comes when you add new projects or expenses into the normal expense models. Typically when you introduce such large expenditure items (like potentially those above) there is very little choice but to raise taxes in order to afford it. We will need to be prudent and timely in executing on these needs so as not to further burden our already tight budgetary constraints. It can be done.